Botox applications

Nowadays better known by all of us, botox application has become an indispensable priority.
‘Botox’ is actually the most widely known brand name of the “botulismus toxin”. ‘Dysport’ is another successful brand. We have all become accustomed to using the term “Botox” as the name of the application.

This application causes a temporary paralysis, however its effect is under our control and there is nothing to be afraid of. Here the whole point is choosing the right mimic muscles and deciding on the positive expression that should be created on the face. Botulismus toxin application needs an art mastership. For an old hand it’s possible to make the necessary changes a face needs without exaggeration so that noone can notice the touch of the botox.

Apart from its usage for aesthetic purposes, this application is performed to armpits, hands and feet to stop excessive sweating. The small muscles within that discharge sweat from perspiratory glands are temporarily paralyzed. In this way, 80% of perspiration can be stopped for 6-10 months. Even after the effect of the drug is over, the person would not sweat as before.