Eyebrows are one of the important factors that make up the human face. Eyebrows can be overly thin or completely missing because of various reasons. Eyebrow transplant can be done to start to regrow the eyebrows. The current structure of eyebrows may be thickened by eyebrow transplant or permanently reshaped as desired.

Male or female with overly thin or completely missing eyebrows can benefit from the surgery of eyebrow transplant. Furthermore, scars and tattoos in eyebrows can be closed with eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours. Hair follicles are removed individually on the site at the back of the neck by FUE technique. Desirable form of eyebrows is decided by doctors and patient, and the boundary is drawn. Later, micro canals will be opened to the drawn area, and grafts are placed in the canal containing a single follicle.

The desired result emerges about 6 months later.