Hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation is a process that allows the recovery of hair loss as well as has again aesthetic appearance and self-confidence.

The obtained result, overlapping about the commitment of doctor before the procedure, natural look with the directions and angles of the transplanted hair, and those who do not understand that you have hair transplantation show the quality of the process. The choice of doctor-hospital has to be well-made for a natural outgrowth. It is should not be forgotten when considering the person health as well as the existing regulations, the hair transplantation should be done by a doctor in a hospital.

The people who want to have hair transplantation have always two requests from their doctors: to have dense and natural hair as much as possible. The density of the results is proportional to the density and quality of hair in the donor site. Aesthetic vision and experience of the doctor who will perform the process is important for the naturalness.

The density of hair: cannot be expected to be the same between two patients that one of them has weaker density and quality of hair in the donor site with same hair loss. In light of the fact that after the preliminary examination and hair analysis, the results of operations should be overlap with person’s expectations. Here, the accurate information given by the doctor is very important.

The naturalness of hair: the front hairline scratches and drop canals determine the naturalness in hair transplantation. The front hairline must be drawn considering the age and facial anatomy of person. Of course, the expectations and demands of person in this stage should not be ignored. After the front hair line drawn correctly and the canal with good directions and angles, there is no reason for the lack of natural hair. The important thing is to do the front hairline and canal by an experienced doctor.